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Dead Sled Website FAQ’S

1. Q: What is the sled made of?
A: High density polyethylene (HDPE), a very durable plastic material that does not crack or chip when cold.

2. Q: What is so special about HDPE?
A: HDPE is a high quality, extremely durable plastic which provides key attributes that differentiate us from our
competitors. These include:
a) Flexibility – HDPE plastic flexibility enables the sled to roll up tight (3”) while also providing rigidity when it is
unrolled with your game in it.
b) Slippery – The Dead Sled has a very low drag co-efficient (slippery) so it easily slides over any terrain saving
you time and a back ache when moving your big game trophy kill.
c) Non Absorbent – Does not absorb the fluids from your kill, it will not stain. These attributes make your
clean up easy.
d) Lightweight - The lightest transport system on the market. 3 to 5 pounds for that backwoods or hill terrain
hunter. No more carrying or pulling wheeled carts into the woods.

3. Q: What are the main differences between the Dead Sled DS24 verses the DS36TEproducts?
A: That’s easy, 12 inches. Seriously, both the DS24 and DS36TE have the same quality cross straps and metal
buckles, plastic thickness and come with its own carry bag. The DS24 is 24” wide, where the DS36TE is 36”.
Bottom-line: the size of game you are hunting will determine if you need the DS24 or the DS36TE. So if you only
hunt smaller game (Deer, antelope, pig) the DS24 is fine. If you go after larger game (Buck, Elk, Bore …) you will
need the 36”. Suggestion, if you can’t buy one of each, I’d go with the DS36TE. It will give you more flexibility.

4. Q: What’s the difference between the 36” Big Game Sled and the 36” Trophy Edition
A: Both are made of the same high quality HDPE plastic. The Trophy Edition comes with a carry bag with
shoulder strap and has nylon cross straps with metal buckles to secure your trophy game. The Big Game
Drag does not have a carry bag and comes with string to shoelace tie your game through grummet holes. For
$5 more (the cost of a combo meal at McD’s) the Trophy Edition is your best buy! However, we understand
everyone has a budget so we provided you the options. Either way you will love our Dead Sleds.

5. Q: How do I fasten my game to the sled?
A: Roll or drag the animal onto sled. Feed the tether through the top eyelet hole then pass the end of the
tether through the other opposite end loop. Pull tight. Wrap the tether around the animal’s neck then feed it
through the bottom eyelet hole in the front of the sled. Use the 3 cross straps and metal locking buckles to keep
the tail end of the sled under your game. Do not over tighten these straps; they are designed to keep the end
of the sled under your game. For more detailed instructions with illustrations, please see the instruction sheet
<link to instruction sheet>

6. Q: How do I drag the sled sideways on a hill or over snow and prevent it from rolling or sliding down?
A: The benefit of the HDPE Plastic is that it is very slippery so it moves easily over any terrain. From time to
time when crossing sideways on a steep hill the sled will tend to slide foot end down or roll depending on the
steepness. This is especially true with snow. The best alternative to avoid the foot end sliding down or the sled
rolling is to walk directly up the hill and then across the crest. If the hill is to steep to walk directly up, you may
need to have a trailer with a line. Have one of your hunting companion connect a rope or line to the body of

your game (not to a cross strap) and walk behind you maintaining the tension. This will assist in preventing the
Dead Sled form sliding down hill or rolling. This also gives you the opportunity to gloat and your friend exactly
how you bagged your trophy game!

7. Q: What happens if my sled gets punctured or is cut?
A: We have enhanced our sleds by increasing the thickness to make them even more durable. However, given
some of the terrain we hunt in is not always smooth and accommodating, if it were you wouldn’t need our Dead
Sled! In these extreme conditions the sled could rip or get punctured. Better the sled than your trophy game.
Don’t fret, the sled‘s will still perform as well and the HDPE plastic will prevent the cut or hole from expanding
any further.

8. Q: How do I clean my Dead Sled?
A: HDPE is decon (that decontamination) capable. This means it does not absorb any fluids. Warm soap and
water or a forceful hose is all you will need to do to make it look like new! Word of advice … Do NOT use
gasoline, alcohol or other type of solvents as these chemicals will damage or melt the plastic and won’t get
it any cleaner. The tether and bag can be washed in cold water on gentle. The logo may come off in some
washing machines, air dry. If you are like us, we hose it down good, let dry in sun and put it away. We are not
much into doing laundry.

9. Q: How do I unroll the sled so it does not roll back up?
A: Because we roll the sled so tight to conserve precious hunting space, the sled will tend to roll back up. This is
easy enough to fix. Place the head of the sled under your game, unroll the sled. When completely unrolled lift
or roll the sides upwards (like a hot dog bun or taco shell) and hold for 3 or 4 seconds. The HDPE plastic will now
hold this shape so you can easily slide or roll your game on to the sled.

10. Q: Is there a difference between the current versions of the Dead Sled 24 than older versions?
A: Yes. As we said earlier, we are hunters too. So, as we used it we saw ways to make it better. We also had
quite a few happy customers provide their thoughts on how to improvement it. We listened and made changes.
A couple key improvements include Strengthening the cross strap tabs to prevent ripping, making the sled 20%
thicker for added strength and puncture resistance. We also added the Dead Sled logo to the shoulder carry bag
so you don’t have to tell your friends the name of this great product, they can read it for themselves. However,
your referrals are always appreciated.

11. Q: Is dragging my game with a Dead Sled significantly easier than the old carry or wheel barrel method?
A: Yes, that’s why we came up with this product. We hated dragging carrying our game out of the woods or field
to our trucks! We keeping singing the praise of HDPE plastic but it’s all true and the greatest benefit of HDPE
is its drag to friction ratio. We could impress you with all sorts of numbers but the bottom line is that you will
notice how much easier it is to drag your game on the Dead Sled over any surface. This includes sand, small
rocks, underbrush. Dew, mud and snow actually act as a lubricant and make it even easier to pull. All without
damaging your games hide.