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About Us

Dead Sled has been in business since 2004, designing and manufacturing the Dead Sled line of products. We created these products because we are lazy (we got tired of dragging our game to the truck) and we hated when we damaged the pelt or busted an antler in transport.

We are an American Company that believes in quality products at the lowest price.  To ensure our sled is the best, they are made in the United States.

We manufacture many types of sled products from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.  HDPE is a high quality, extremely durable plastic which provides key attributes that differentiate us from our competitors.  These include:

1.     Flexibility – HDPE plastic is very flexible to roll the sleds up tight (3”) while also providing rigidity when it is unrolled with your game in it.
2.     Slippery – The Dead Sled has a very low drag co-efficient (slippery) so it easily slides over any terrain saving you time and a back ache when moving your big game trophy kill.
3.     Non Absorbent – Does not absorb the fluids from your kill, it will not stain.  These attributes make your clean up easy.
4.     Lightweight- The lightest transport system on the market.  3 to 5 pounds for that backwoods or hill terrain hunter.  Laugh at your friends carrying or pulling there wheeled carts